Quiet Rule Broken – Slough Library Hosts Anti-Knife Crime Concert

On Saturday 31st March Slough Library will host a live music event held by
Aik Saath and SWIPE Music to raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime.
The third anti-knife crime music event organised by the two Slough charities, will kick off at 7pm on Saturday 31st March on the second floor of Slough Library. The acts performing span from Rock to R’n’B and back again. Despite the Library’s rule of silence, it is thought to be one of the best music venues in the area because of the quality of the acoustics that the shelves of books provide.
The aim of the concert is to keep young people aware about the dangers of getting involved in knife crime and to remind them that there are alternatives. Statistics show that you are more likely to be stabbed by your own knife than by somebody else’s. The line-up, organised by SWIPE music, demonstrates Slough’s diversity with folk, rap, rock and many other forms of music. The bill includes: Mercia, Busker Rhymes,Wilson, Already Blonde, Nate Musiq, Dan Murphy, Young Kay and others. The gig will provide information about knife crime, and gives young people and musicians an opportunity to get behind a cause which is worth promoting again and again.
As well as the serious message, the concert is a safe space for people to meet each other and enjoy themselves in the centre of Slough. Following the successes of the previous events this is set to be an enjoyable event for all!
The event is financed by the Home Office through the Communities Against Gangs, Guns and Knives Fund.

“Knife crime is an issue we’ve all heard about, but we need to keep hearing about it! What better way to do that than music?” – Peter Smart (18)
“I’ve heard stories about knife crime and I’m concerned about it – I hope the concert can spread the word” – Hassaan-Ul Huda (12)
“The importance of this issue cannot be overstated, and with this concert we know it won’t be overlooked” Nathan Young (18)
“Aik Saath and SWIPE are enjoying a successful partnership with Slough Borough Council. Our shared commitment to making sure young people are given the opportunity to lead positive change in our community is really paying off. They are organising useful, successful events and they are a credit to Slough.”
Rob Deeks, Project Manager, Aik Saath – Together As One

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1 Response to Quiet Rule Broken – Slough Library Hosts Anti-Knife Crime Concert

  1. Rob says:

    Can’t wait to see more of SWIPE Music’s talented performers – great to see so many names from the HMD2012 gig!

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