SWIPE’s visual arts project

For our first arts project SWIPE showcased what it does best, as digital art. Linda and Jamie worked with a group of fifteen adult learners on Thursday evenings over 7 weeks. The group was tasked with finding awesome photos, adding some editing here and there to make them jazzy and colourful, and finally after all the gruelling hard work was done and dusted getting it all printed and exhibited at Slough Museum.

S.W.I.P.E. was part of this creative arts project along with Creative Junction. Swipe Music used ‘Sound Practices: Amplifying and Energising Music into Image’ to develop leadership skills in our young people; Stimulate their creativity; re-engage former participants and parents to become involved as supporters of SWIPE, to share and inspire current participants and provide basic skills for image production to a high standard. This project has helped us to document our past and recent history in a way that doesn’t just say ‘here’s some photos of what we do’.

The whole group interacted with each other transferring their own particular knowledge and skills learning from each other. Also people had the chance to learn how to curate an exhibition and learnt how to work with organisations like Slough Museum and a large printing company producing large prints.


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