The Shop Window Gig! Busking 4 Cancer

Shoppers did a double take as they walked past Slough Museum in the High Street on Saturday.

Behind the panes of glass a Busking for Cancer event was happening with live music pouring out to the masses through a sound system.

One passer-by said: “I thought it was just music and then I saw in the window and I couldn’t believe it, it was so good I thought it was a cd and then I saw people playing.”

Ska Band Skadilly wanted to get involved and support the gig so much that even though their drummer couldn’t make it, Ben Collins the bands singer played drums instead and guitarist Olly Morrison took the vocals.

Olly said to the crowd: “This is the weirdest thing we’ve ever done – this is cool and it’s for a good cause so donate some money.”

Skadilly’s Horn section played outside the window while the rest of the band played inside.

Event Organiser Jamie Green, bass player for The Amy Green project said:  “Actually getting the sound right was a serious engineering feat.
“Inside it was quiet, yet outside we had a big sound. Getting a drum kit set up in the 32 inch corridor that is the window proved a task, we took several parts from electric drum kits and patched together a small kit with everything on it.
“If you had a real acoustic snare behind that glass you would’ve hit it once and everyone would’ve been deaf!”

Equipment to enable the gig to happen was loaned from Slough music charity Swipe.

The line-up for the afternoon included Busker Rhymes, The Amy Green Project, Fried Squirrel, The Pedal Pushers, Dysphunkzional, Already Blonde, Wilson, Cyanide River, Michelle B Jeremy Neals and Skadilly.

The Buskers raised £125 and hope to repeat the event in a more central location and raise more.

Further Details on Busking For Cancer at


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