The Platform was a series of 3 Live Music Platforms for locals artists celebrating Successful musicians/bands from the area.
SWIPE received lottery funding from The Arts Council enabling us to bring acts who are doing well with a Slough link back into Slough creating a platform for them to play on alongside other local bands to a local audience.
Acts like Tiny Dragons travelling up from Brighton with Lead singer Slough’s Lizzie Massey, Cypher 16 back from their tour of India, launching a new cd with metal hammer magazine and Lauren Aquilina straight from the top of the itunes charts and Radio 1 playlist onto a Slough stage with other local acts showcasing Slough’s as yet undiscovered talent.

Tiny Dragons Live at The Platform

The Platform events ran during the winter of 2013 bridging the annual gap between the many events that S.W.I.P.E run during the summer months and keeping the momentum going from the summer of 2012 when bands were playing many Cultural Olympiad celebrations through to summer 2013 when as usual our schedule is busy busy busy.
The Platform was well liked and well attended , are we doing another one you ask….
If you want it back tell us!

Cypher 16 Live at the Platform

Inference Live at The Platform

Lauren Aquilina Live at The Platform


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